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Family Session with the Geraghtys

One of the biggest compliments I could get as a photographer is being told by a family that I captured them perfectly.

The Geraghtys are a family that radiate positive energy, fun, love, and happiness and it was important to me to make sure I was able to capture all of those qualities.

I remember my family portraits…

I mean technically, it's a great photo... but there’s no real story being told here. At best, you can see what we looked like when we went to JCPennys, but you had no idea what our interaction was like as a family. Although I do believe there is a time and place for such portraits, it’s the images that show life and are bursting with personality are the ones that get me excited to be a family photographer.

Thank you Jenny and Eamonn for giving me the honor to take your family photos… and Aela, remember, “with great power comes great responsibility”. God speed, Spiderman.

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