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What is a docu-venture anyway?

So what is a docu-venture anyway?

Simply put, docu-ventures are documented adventures… clever right?

What’s great about them is that they capture you doing something that you absolutely love to do. I’ve always heard that when you photograph someone doing something that they love doing, that’s where the real magic happens, and I’m certainly finding that to be true. These sessions capture you living out your passion and wrap it all up in to one photo-documented story.

This particular story includes my friends Jared, Kelley, and Alex.

I’ve known Jared and Kelley for a few years now. We met in college and because of our love for music and nature, we’ve remained friends many years after we graduated.

On the first weekend in April, the four of us decided to get together to do one of the things that we love doing most, spending time hiking around in Penn’s Woods.

Luckily for me, Jared is a true geologist, which, apparently makes for some kick-butt photos, Kelley is a true environmental biologist whose love and passion for understanding every living organism on this planet is extremely contagious, and Alex’s drive for true adventure made this hike one awesome story to tell.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

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